Blue Sky Speckle Park Stud

Breeding Robust, Resiliant Beef Stock

Welcome to Blue Sky Speckle Park Stud

We are Peter and Stephanie Niven, owners of Blue Sky Speckle Park Stud in the Upper Moutere, Tasman District. The Stud was established in 2016 and we now have a good mixture of NZ, Australian and Canadian genetics.

Our breeding philosophy is breeding good, robust, resilient beef stock that are good natured, can look after themselves without any special treatment and produce quality offspring with good growth and the superior meat yield that the breed is renowned for.

More about the stud

Speckle Park Breed

Speckle Park, a breed of cattle developed in Canada, is one of the fastest growing beef cattle breeds in the world. Speckle Park cattle are known for their hardiness and they produce high yields of flavoursome and tender meat.

The Breed


Speckle Park International, the governing body for Australian and New Zealand Breeders, is a leader in the adoption of genetic testing to better inform breeders about their animals, and improve the integrity of our herd book. Genetic testing is required prior to registration being granted.


For Sale

We have frozen semen for sale and from time to time we have animals for sale. Check our For Sale page for details of what we have available.

For Sale